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Terms of the Use of riotoqll's Mukuro Ikusaba 3D Model

**there are subject to change without notice**


1. DO NOT use my 3D model to make money.
  because Mukuro is Dangan Ronpa development team's. not your original character.

2. DO NOT re-distribute my 3D model.
 because you can get it on original website whenever you want. 

3. DO NOT re-distribute my 3D model that you edited.
 they might misunderstand as it is made by me.

4. DO NOT use my 3D model to defame someone.
 it gives them a bad impression about Mukuro.

5. DO NOT use my 3D model to make fan-art including gore or NSFW or something like that.
 i don't like it. use your own 3D model when you want to make it.

6. DO NOT change Mukuro into other character.(for example, your original character)
 i edited 3D data for making Mukuro. not other character.

7. DO NOT take my 3D model apart and distribute it.
 you can make 3D model from the beginning if you can combine parts.



 ★Edit the texture and polygon (but you must keep the model as Mukuro.)


MESSAGE from riotoqll

Mukuro Ikusaba is a spoiler character. Dangan Ronpa development team says "you can expose the spoilers only in chapter1." so please respect it and display SPOILER ALERT when you upload your fan-art including it.



2014/04/13 start distribution of beta
2014/04/19 change color of skin, change shape of body
2014/04/20 correct one of the morph
2014/07/18 narrow eyes, physics of skirt, winter uniform, structure of texture

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 ・twitter: @riotoqll

 ・mail: dots.of.rain[atmark]




Q: I was thinking if we edit your Mukuro model & make her look like the Disquising Junko Enoshima but keeping her as Mukuro, Does that still count as changing her into another character?
A: hmm...that may be a confusing topic.
Mukuro wearing other character's dress/hair-wig in the scenario of your fanart --> OK. you are keeping her as Mukuro.
You want to make other character model so use the body of my Mukuro model --> No... it's the act of changing Mukuro model to other character model.
so, making her look like the Disquising Junko is OK. if you borrow a data of dress/hair/other parts... from other models, follow their terms of use.

Q: Do you have the .psd formats for Mukuro's Textures?
A: I lost .psd files because im lazy...

Q: How do I change her eye color?
A: I recommend changing the parameter of hue with photoshop/gimp. maybe it will work.