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自分用 sai.ahk

#IfWinActive ahk_class sfl_window_class ;テンキー0 Numpad0::a ;テンキー1 Numpad1::x ;テンキー2 Numpad2::b ;テンキー3 Numpad3::z ;テンキー4 Numpad4::c ;テンキー5 Numpad5::w ;テンキー6 Numpad6::e ;テンキー7 Numpad7::v ;テンキー8 Numpad8::l ;…

Terms of the Use of riotoqll's Kiyotaka Ishimaru 3D Model

**there are subject to change without notice** FORBIDDEN 1. DO NOT use my 3D model to make money. because Ishimaru is Dangan Ronpa development team's. not your original character. 2. DO NOT re-distribute my 3D model. because you can get it…